Round One

Here we have a quick edit / crop to 8×10 bounds. Attention to trying to keep a similar size of peppercorns through each image, main issues some digital noise, smoothing needed on some colours and sharpness issues, by using the second red head light in another shoot and maybe having the lights a bit closer to the wall will allow faster shutters to minimise blur. I am not particularly keen on the idea of lowering quality past ISO200 for this. Most successful is the shape in lust, greed and envy, with sloth being the most perfect sharp, therefore with some more time spent on reshooting and editing and a bit of luck from the shape of the throws I think I could be quite pleased with final results. Still viewing these as a bit of an ink blot theory, people will read as they see each, they are also chosen with my own outlandish connotations to shape and color. See captions.

I like the shape, crooked nature of attraction… red for LUST, not sharp enough though

Forest green as if over consumption of everything, earth, the fruits of anything just being wrecklessly taken, GLUTTONY. unsure of shape so far

GREED, for me ideas of gold, gems, wealth, I like the two strong forms in this as greed would have it, not one but two clusters

SLOTH to me seems suitable to a fleshy lazy pink, the shapes seem too active to suit but the sharpness here is wonderful

Royal purple: power = possible WRATH, negative strength in some cases, the spread and chaos relates to panic and negativity caused, one strong cluster could relate to the individual

“they were green with ENVY” wanted a rich green, like the glorified cluster at the top and the spread to the lower cluster as if that top cluster is the envied subject matter

Not necessarily always negative, I see PRIDE as this clear heroic blue, the issue being pride makes many bigger in ego and narrow minded in some cases. The cluster in bottom right seems an individual while the upper cluster is the enlarged and immoveable ego like a great dirty cloud

Turning to a complete fruit loop through this assignment journey, but enjoying the ride through abstraction so far. Cant wait to see how it all turns out. The next stage appears to be spending time on a re-shoot.

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